Contract Development and Management


Professional Contract Development and Management

Being a business owner in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, can be challenging. Especially when it comes to contracts.

At FCRS, we can assist your business by:

Ensuring the scope of work matches the chosen contract form.

Including appropriate values for commercial risk in quotes and business cases.

Highlighting risks and mitigation opportunities in commercial instruments so that these can be managed and optimised.

Recommending contractual templates and structures for normal business.

Identifying performance indicators to demonstrate when performance meets required standards.

Providing work-flows to manage contracts and monitor key performance indicators; and

Developing processes and procedures to optimise procure to pay processes.

Getting the right contractual model can mean the difference between running at a loss, and seeing your profits soar. Ensuring that a matter is on or off balance sheet (depending on your individual preference), that risks are properly understood and including in commercial instruments can have a greater impact on overall profit than any other business activity!

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